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Sipper Sack Filling Station (USA)

Price: $2,430.00
Item Number: 7335-1000-501
This Sipper Sack Filling Station is used to fill Sipper Sack bags with water. Operation is very simple, and the electronic controller allows the operator to choose the fill volume. Unit is compact enough for use in change hoods. This Filler unit is equipped with standard power supply for applications in USA only. 120-VAC, single-phase, 60-hz, 270-mAMP with UL listing only Water and Power Supply Requirements:
Water: Standard quick-disconnect (QD) socket must be located within 4 feet of Filler. (0.5 gallon per minute minimum water flow at 3 to 15 psi)
Electrical: 120-VAC, single-phase, 60-hz, 270-mAMP draw outlet with GFCI protection located within 5 feet of Filler