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Annual Consumables PICO20T3

Price: $799.00
Item Number: 7120-3000-126

Included in Annual Consumable Kit for PICO20T3:

  • Pre-treatment & Ro Module Replacment (Qty 1)     - TC022
  • Tank Vent Filter Replacement (Qty 1)                      - TC024

Regular maintenance is important to the longevity of the high quality systems we supply. All cartridges changes are simple and can easily be carried out by the end user.

Change Frequency:
(Recommended frequency dependent on usage and local water quality.  High production volumes or poor feed water quality will increase replacement frequency.)

  • Pre-treatment & Ro Module Replacment               Annually
  • Tank Vent Filter Replacement                                Annually

Unit Model:       PICO20T3
EI No:               7120-3000-320