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Annual Consumables PICO10T3

Price: $699.00
Item Number: 7120-3000-122

Included in Annual Consumable Kit for PICO10T3:

  • Pre-treatment & Ro Module Replacement (Qty 1)
  • Tank Vent Filter Replacement (Qty 1)

Regular maintenance is important to the longevity of the high-quality systems we supply. All cartridges changes are simple and can easily be carried out by the end user.

Change Frequency:
(Recommended frequency dependent on usage and local water quality.  High production volumes or poor feed water quality will increase replacement frequency.)

  • Pre-treatment & Ro Module Replacement               Annually
  • Tank Vent Filter Replacement                                Annually

Unit Model:       PICO10T3
EI No:               7120-3000-310