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Edstrom Automated Watering specializes in service parts and components for Edstrom products. We are known internationally as the designer and manufacturer of the finest automated watering and environmental monitoring equipment in the industry.
We achieved this recognition by continuously searching for ways to better serve you by designing and manufacturing the most effecient and up to date products for the industry. We believe that serving you has made us and our products the best in the world. Every time you contact us you’ll get quick, professional service.
Edstrom Water Purification
We are experts in water quality and can help you specify and control the water quality you deliver to the animal. We've published numerous white papers and bulletins to assist you in all aspects of delivering clean and high quality water. 
Our system designs are highly refined - we continually improve these systems and never settle for "good enough". Today's systems benefit from our high-tech engineering and manufacturing capabilities as well as our experience and expertise in design.
You'll feel at ease knowing that "we've done this before". At every step of the process, we'll lend our expertise and talents to make sure you get exactly the system you need. From the earliest stages of planning new construction, renovations, or additions, to the final installation and start-up, we offer step-by-step assistance.
We also offer Preventive Maintenance Contracts on our equipment. Call us at 800-558-5913 or visit Edstrom for more information. Certain entities may qualify for tax-exempt purchases. To comply with state and local tax laws, we do not accept tax-exempt purchases online. If you hold a valid tax-exemption, please place your order by calling 800-558-5913.

Thank you for shopping on For questions, please contact an Edstrom customer service representative at 262-534-5181 or 800-558-5913.

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